Urban sports

Our PREO® canopies are perfectly adaptable to urban sports such as skateparks, pump tracks, street workout and 3×3 basketball.

They provide unrivalled solutions for maximising access and enjoyment of outdoor activities by ensuring that participants have protection from the elements.

We make use of all of our technical knowhow and architectural prowess to achieve the best possible incorporation of the project into any urban setting.

We design the facility so that any participants can use them, feeling at ease, and looking forward to coming back again and again.



Infrastructures adapted to the practice of hockey

Our sports solutions are adapted to the practice of hockey in all seasons. With our preo canopy, we protect the ice rink, thus ensuring accessibility to the ice all year round.

The translucency of the textile membrane allows for natural light without being hindered by bad weather. The sportsmen can thus play their field hockey game in the best conditions.

SMC2 ensures the design and construction of a custom solution adapted to your needs and constraints of your practice for more pleasure to play sports in all seasons.

SMC2, builder of covered basketball courts

We put our know-how in sports infrastructure construction at the service of basketball. For a practice of this sport in all freedom without weather constraints, our covered basketball court solution is the one you need!

With a wooden frame and a textile membrane cover, the sportsman can practice his basketball game while being protected from the sun and bad weather. Without a facade, the sports yard leaves the basketball court accessible to all. It makes this sports court a place of exchanges and meetings around a common passion: basketball.

Our structures are made to last in time and optimize the comfort of the sportsman during his game. The translucency of the textile membrane allows to enjoy a natural light during the day, the addition of a LED lighting offers beautiful game sessions at night.

Berlin gets a new hot spot for basketball