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SMC2 is an international company deployed in France near Lyon. Founded in 2003, the company is now the European leader in the market for sports and leisure spaces.

We build buildings with bright and light architectures in wood and steel structures.

Our mission :
Imagine pleasant and sustainable living spaces in order to better live together in our local areas. Every day, our teams offer simple and functional solutions to communities and investors, combining economy and ecology. Architecture and design are the engines of our creativity. We develop them in dialogue and exchange with all of our partners: Architects, local authorities, institutions, industrialists, etc.

Our values ​​:

  • Develop an economy while respecting the living,
  • Go from idea to realization,
  • Promote beauty, architecture, design to create emotion,
  • Innovate, explore products and uses.

These values are yours and  you want to get involved in an enthusiastic team, so don’t hesitate and come and join us.