Football pitches designed for sporting pleasure

Our comprehensive range of covered football solutions focuses on player comfort and enjoyment. The use of timber structures with textile membrane roofs make for pleasant bright surroundings in which to play football all year round.

Our system of hygrothermal regulation ensures comfort in winter, while during the summer automated louvre panels help create natural ventilation so it’s never too hot nor too cold for play.


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Construction of indoor football pitches

Thanks to our construction systems and the materials we use, we can build large-scale structures that are especially adapted to covering football pitches. The technical attributes of engineered timber and the lightness of the textile membranes are of particular advantage for both new projects or for extension or additions to existing buildings.
We will advise you on the choice of playing surface (artificial turf, EPDM, polymeric, etc.) and on the overall design to deliver a tailor-made covered football facility. Ball stop netting and fences need to be robust yet discreet and in some cases can even be fused with the building structure itself to ensure the best aesthetics whilst remaining optimal for play.

We will install LED floodlighting that is ideal for football without the risk of glare. Lights are placed at an elevated level to light pitches in accordance with Football Association guidelines.

We are also able to incorporate great IT solutions such as digital video capture for playback and dissemination of matches to team members.