SURFACE AREA 1973 M2 / 21237 Ft2

Design and construction of a sports arena in Saint-Jean d’Angely

SMC2 has built a sports hall in the town of Saint-Jean d’Angely, enabling residents to play sports all year round, protected from the elements and the sun’s UV rays.

The playground features a timber framework, a textile membrane roof and facades, and louvered cladding. It has been designed for dynamic sports such as basketball and football. Changing rooms complete the structure.

Thanks to the translucent textile membrane, the multi-sports pitch benefits from plenty of natural light during the day, eliminating the need for artificial lighting. The flexibility of the stretched fabric prevents sound reverberation, ensuring acoustic comfort. Finally, the white colour of the textile membrane reflects the sun’s rays to maintain a pleasant temperature in summer. Everything has been thought out to provide optimum comfort for sports lovers.

design and built of the sports hall in Saint Jean d'Angély, France

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